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Life and Death – Gain a New Perspective as a Hospice Volunteer

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Have you ever felt deeply moved to make a positive difference in people’s lives during their most vulnerable and challenging moments? If so, serving as a hospice volunteer might be the right path for you.

For many people (not just hospice patients) facing end-of-life realities is a daunting and uncomfortable journey. But help is available, and you can play an important role in providing that help.

As an LHC Group hospice volunteer, you’ll step into someone else’s world just when they need you most – providing the invaluable gift of companionship. Whether it’s engaging in heartfelt conversations, reading a favorite book, or simply holding a hand, your presence can bring immense comfort to those facing the end of life.

Overcoming fear of death

Fears about death and the dying process are a natural component of human nature. As a hospice volunteer, you can confront these fears in a supportive environment as you help others do the same. By engaging with individuals who are facing the end of life with grace and dignity, you just might find your own new and profound perspective on mortality.

Supporting families

Hospice care involves more than just the patient receiving care—it’s about their entire family. As a volunteer, you become a pillar of support for the patient, their loved ones, and sometimes even their pets! Your presence provides family members with the much-needed rest and comfort they need while allowing them to take care of themselves – knowing their loved one is in compassionate company.

Making lasting memories

“All of my volunteers express how our patients have made a powerful impact on their lives and how they didn’t know they needed these relationships.  It is a blessing to see my volunteers learn and grow as individuals.” – Amy Munn, hospice volunteer manager

As a hospice volunteer, you have a tremendous privilege – the privilege of being part of someone’s final chapters. Your willingness to listen, share stories, and create memories will leave a lasting impact on both you and the individuals you serve.

“Something that people often don’t know or understand about being a hospice volunteer is how meaningful it is to be with someone at the end of life. We may know this in our brain, but to experience it with our heart is a whole different level of understanding.” – Jules Mcbride, Hospice Volunteer Manager

The top three reasons you should consider volunteering with LHC Group:

  1. Build communication skills by working with patients, families, and healthcare professionals.
  2. Gain a healthy perspective on death and dying by helping others cope with the realities of life and death.
  3. Develop empathy and compassion by interacting with patients and families who are facing end-of-life challenges. This experience helps many people become more understanding and supportive individuals.

How you can get involved

If you’re curious about becoming a hospice volunteer, LHC Group would love to connect with you. We provide training to equip you with the skills and knowledge you’ll need to effectively support patients and their families. Whether you have a background in healthcare or just a compassionate heart, there’s a place for you as an LHC Group hospice volunteer.

Ready to make a make meaningful impact? Join us as a hospice volunteer today!

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