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Healthy Aging Month: Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Golden Years

by Sep 20, 2021Care0 comments

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Aging is unavoidable. And while the calendar doesn’t stop for anyone, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love to do, and your golden years don’t have to lose their luster. Whether it’s spending time with a hobby, your family, or just relaxing on your own, you can grow older the happier, healthier way.

Healthy aging is achievable. And with a commitment to taking control over your health, you can live longer, happier, and healthier.

What’s more, adults who take action – and view aging in a positive way – trend toward being more physically and mentally healthy. The move toward positive aging highlights this trend, and helps more people than ever shine in their later years. No matter how old you are, it’s NEVER too late to start.

You can do it! Here are five easy steps to take to help maximize your quality of life as you age:

Optimize your diet
Aim for foods rich in energizing nutrients. Pack your plate with brightly colored produce, whole grains, lean meats, unsalted nuts and seeds, and low-fat dairy.

Exercise regularly
The right amount – and type – of exercise varies by age and health status. But everyone needs to move. Training for a 5K, hiking through nature, gardening… the options are endless. Even small everyday motions, like walking the dog or playing with grandkids, add up.

Do activities you enjoy
Hobbies like traveling, dancing, reading, playing board games, or volunteering may help keep your mind and body functioning at their best. Many also connect you to a supportive community.

Manage stress
Meditation, gratitude, and relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or music therapy, ease strain on your mental health. So can asking for help when you need it, and accepting it when it’s offered.

Check your health regularly
Your primary care provider can advise you on the types of screenings and preventive care you need. Also, follow up if you have questions about medicines or symptoms, including signs of depression.

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