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The pandemic may be waning, but important employee resources remain.

by Oct 18, 2022Culture0 comments

As we’re all aware, our LHC Group family – as well as the entire healthcare industry – continues the process of emerging from the height of the COVID pandemic. And during the toughest of those times, many of our teammates utilized the employee programs and benefits LHC Group provides.

I think it is important to emphasize the fact that these programs and benefits have not gone anywhere – they are still available right now to help with the tough times, support our team members, or perhaps even provide a chance to further your career.

Our needs as individuals remain. And the fact that these benefits are available is something we can be proud of – a shining example of how our culture of caring for each other permeates from top to bottom.

Let me take a few moments and share a little more about four of these initiatives – as well as a brief example of how an actual LHC Group family member benefitted from these resources:

The Purpose Fund

The Purpose Fund is an employee hardship relief fund designed to assist employees in times of crisis.

For example, Abby Chabert is an LPN in Louisiana. In 2021, her home was devasted by Hurricane Ida – which hit with winds in the range of 130-150 miles per hour.

Abby faced a wet, muddy mess. And the everyday services and infrastructure in her local community were also severely damaged.

As she began work to repair her home, The Purpose Fund was able to help alleviate some expenses while she dealt with her insurance adjuster, mortgage company, and contractors – providing a measure of relief in difficult circumstances.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

LHC Group’s Employee Assistance Program is a part of the healthcare and other benefits package we enroll in each year. The EAP is an employee benefit that helps you find a counselor or therapist nearby and covers the cost of your first three 30-minute sessions. And it’s also available to employee spouses and dependent children up to age 26.

Matthew Guidry, videographer at our Home Office in Lafayette, La., was seeing a therapist to help with a few things going on in his life – in particular, helping his father as he battled Alzheimer’s.

The therapy was working well, but the cost was prohibitive – Matthew had to stop going for a period of time. Fortunately, he learned of the EAP program, which was able to help with some of the cost. He was able to continue his therapy sessions with the assistance provided.

It helped Matthew continue a kind of treatment that was producing positive results in his life.

UL Online Tuition Benefit

With LHC Group’s “UL Online Tuition Benefit,” you can receive substantial discounts for many virtual degree programs – thanks to our partners at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

For example, Suzette Meche is a nurse in Louisiana and a 20-year LHC Group employee. She initially began earning her BSN degree in 2010 using grant funding provided by LHC Group. However, she soon found she needed to prioritize her family, leaving the program in 2012.

But her hope never faded, and opportunity presented itself in the form of the online tuition benefit. It took some time, but Suzette was finally able to once again pursue her BSN.

And the fact that it’s 100 percent online means it is available to employees around the nation.


CareSpace is an LHC Group Facebook group designed just for you. You can go there to find positive and inspiring stories from your LHC Group family members around the country – as well as a space to connect and get resources for support and strength.

Angela Hines, a nurse in North Carolina, is a great example of someone who has enjoyed success in utilizing the CareSpace community. A while back, Angela started posting albums featuring her work family during the pandemic, when the agency was not having in-person case conferences.

The pictures were a hit and lifted the spirits of her colleagues who didn’t see each other for months on end.

My overall goal in sharing these brief stories is to encourage each and every one of us to understand that we are never alone. And most importantly, please keep demonstrating how our unique culture can be a source of hope and positivity no matter what the circumstances.

Further information for current LHCG employees:

  • For The Purpose Fund – check out the page on our company website.
  • For information on the EAP or the UL Tuition Benefit Program, contact the Human Resources Department.
  • To find CareSpace, simply log into Facebook and join the group.


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