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Serving Senior Citizens – Exploring a specialized career opportunity in the home healthcare industry

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There are many career choices available here at LHC Group. As Senior Citizens Day approaches, we want to highlight one of our unique career pathways – senior living clinicians. At LHC Group (LHCG), we are passionate about providing exceptional care for seniors, and it’s our senior living clinicians who make that possible. 

Here, we’ll explore the role in further detail – examining what it’s like to be a senior living clinician and what to expect and think about if you are considering pursuing the profession. We’ll also hear a few key testimonials from some of our current senior living clinicians. 

Senior Living Clinicians are Unique 

At LHCG, senior living clinicians fill a role that blends an outpatient visit with the convenience of a home health visit, all within the senior living communities we serve. In this unique role, clinicians work in a gym-like setting within a senior living facility, thus eliminating the clinician’s need for extensive travel. By bringing care directly to residents, senior living clinicians create a comfortable and familiar environment, nurturing stronger relationships and ensuring continuity of care. 

Important Considerations and Career Options 

If you’re considering a career as a senior living clinician, there are many reasons to consider joining our mission-focused family here at LHCG. Here are just a few: 

  • There is tremendous room for growth within our organization. 
  • Our positions involve not only clinical responsibilities, but also encompass elements of leadership. 
  • You may have opportunities to develop and deliver health talks for residents 
  • And you’ll play a vital role in maintaining our relationship with the senior living community. 
  • These additional responsibilities set the stage for professional advancement, allowing clinicians to transition into leadership roles in the future. 

In Their Words – Testimonials from Our Senior Living Clinicians 

Mike Rossi, LHCG Senior Living Therapist: 

“I live very close to my facility. I love being part of my community, helping my community, and knowing we share a common trait – we reside in the same neighborhood. When I visit and talk to residents, I feel like we can identify through something we have in common – again, our community.  

I get to know the residents whether I am seeing them for rehab or not. If I do get to see them for rehab, I truly want to see them succeed. I want them to know they are living here at the facility and that they have a therapist and rehab team with their best interests in mind. I like them to know they have a comfortable, safe setting they can be proud of in their home.” 

Tiffani Sherlin, Senior Living Therapist:  

“The best part of working with seniors is being able to connect with them and help them realize their potential to continue living full and happy lives.” 

 As we celebrate Senior Citizen Day, we invite compassionate individuals to consider a fulfilling career as a senior living clinician with LHC Group. Once again, this unique role offers an opportunity for meaningful work in service to your community: 

  • It combines outpatient visits in a comfortable setting within senior living communities, eliminating monotonous routines and extensive travel. 
  • With ample room for growth and opportunities to showcase leadership skills, becoming a senior living clinician sets you on a path toward a rewarding future.  

Join us! At LHC Group, you can make a big difference in so many lives.

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