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LHC Group’s “ClearWay” Helps Patients Better Manage Chronic Lung Disease Like COPD

by Mar 21, 2022Care0 comments

In February, LHC Group launched ClearWay, our latest comprehensive clinical care program designed specifically for people living with chronic lung disease.

This unique program was developed with input from clinicians with decades of combined experience in treating COPD and other chronic lung ailments. We also utilized current evidence-based best practices from organizations such as:

  • The American Lung Association
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Mayo Clinic
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Home Health Quality Improvement
  • Family Practice Guidelines
  • Krames Staywell

In my 15 years of service as a provider, I’ve seen hundreds of patients who suffer with this disease process, and I’ve witnessed the negative and debilitating effects they experience on a daily basis.

Many patients struggle to understand what their medications are for or how to take them correctly. We know from studies that 50 percent of prescriptions for chronic diseases like this go unfilled. This can be due to many reasons: forgetfulness, confusion and fear of side effects, the high cost of prescriptions, and/or mistrust of their clinicians. This kind of medication non-adherence is believed to be responsible for over 125,00 deaths each year in the U.S. alone.

As providers we have only a few minutes with patients and their families to diagnose, treat, and educate them. With a program like ClearWay, we extend our service as providers – spending much-needed time with patients to teach them about their disease process, treatment regime, and the warning signs they need to tell us about.

Chronic lung disease is a thief that limits lives, causes suffering for patients and their families, and robs people of vitality and comfort in their precious golden years. Breath is life. And when you live with chronic lung disease, every breath counts.

According to the American Lung Association:

  • COPD is the third-leading cause of death by disease in the United States.
  • More than 16.4 million people have been diagnosed with COPD.
  • Millions more may have the disease without even knowing it.
  • COPD causes serious long-term disability and early death.
  • At this time there is no cure.
  • The number of people dying from COPD is growing.

ClearWay is an all-inclusive chronic lung disease program with specific clinical pathways to educate patients and their caregivers while encouraging self-management of their disease process. These pathways use evidence-based medicine and are individualized for each patient.

Here are a few specific ways ClearWay helps our patients and their caregivers:

  • Provide education and a better understanding of the disease.
  • Help them implement the necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Empower patients to feel more in control.
  • Improve overall quality of life.

ClearWay is already demonstrating its effectiveness in improving outcomes for patients with chronic lung disease and COPD – even at this early stage. And it also demonstrates LHC Group’s commitment to consistently raising the level of service we provide and deliver the great care we are known for.

The challenges of chronic lung disease can leave patients and families feeling overwhelmed, but they aren’t alone. With ClearWay, we are empowered to help patients to take ownership of managing their condition – helping them better control their chronic lung disease and achieve the best possible quality of life.

Our patients are the reason we do what we do. Because, as always, it’s all about helping people. Contact LHC Group today for more information and find a location near you. 

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