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A Rewarding Career in Home Health, Hospice Sales – Without Prior Experience 

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Professionals from diverse sales backgrounds utilize skills from a wide range of experience 

Are you considering a business development/sales career in home health or hospice? Do you want to make a meaningful impact on patients and communities as part of your professional pursuits? 

If so, embarking on a career in home health and hospice sales is a unique and rewarding journey. 

Breaking Barriers: Starting Without Prior Healthcare Sales Experience 

Despite common misconceptions, prior healthcare sales experience is not a requirement for success in sales/business development roles at LHC Group. We’ve found that sales skills acquired from diverse backgrounds and professions are transferable and can seamlessly integrate into home health and hospice sales business development. 

Our clinical sales reps play a critical role. They are often RNs, LPNs, COTAs, and PTs – among many other disciplines. And many times, individuals with backgrounds like customer service and hospitality are well-suited for success in a sales role with our company. Leveraging prior experience in navigating different customer types and fast-paced environments can be a launching pad for success in these vital roles – with tremendous career growth opportunities. 

“Most of the time, it’s not your physical experience that makes you knowledgeable, but your drive and passion to help others,” said Jessica Ahlers, a home health account executive at LHC Group. 

Business Development Roles and Responsibilities  

Our business development team members facilitate access to essential healthcare services, ensuring comfort and support for patients and their families during challenging times. They perform a variety of daily tasks – and each day can be significantly different. Whether you’re a clinical sales representative or account executive, typical responsibilities include the following:   

  • Increasing referrals for home health or hospice care. 
  • Being both a trusted resource and presence for your referral sources and the community you serve. 
  • Informing and educating referral sources on the disease management programs that we offer. 
  • Providing referral sources with continuous follow-up about patients once admitted. 

A career in home health and hospice sales is a tremendously rewarding pursuit, both personally and professionally. You can make a real difference in the lives of people who are searching for the care they need to help maintain their independence and quality of life. 

“The amazing relationships developed as a result of this position are very rewarding,” said Deanne Crawford, a director of business development for LHC Group. “This role is an opportunity to help people through the gift of quality, effective homecare – helping them age in place at home” 

If you enjoy interacting with diverse groups of people, and if you are passionate about making a meaningful impact in your community, a home health/hospice sales career might be just the thing you’re looking for. The journey is much more than just a career – it’s both a calling and an opportunity to create genuine positive change in the lives of the patients and families we serve. 

Learn more about rewarding career opportunities at LHC Group.  

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