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Nurses Week 2024 – Highlights from Our Teams

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Every Nurses Week, our teams come together to thank those of us who have dedicated their careers to the nursing profession. At LHC Group, we know the importance of recognizing the more than 9,000 nursing employees who live our purpose of helping MORE people every day.

This week, we are highlighting a few short stories of nurses who have helped shape others on their teams and learn a little bit about how our agencies show their support and appreciation for their coworkers.

How has a nurse inspired your work?

From Mandy Anderson – Hospice Social Worker with CHRISTUS Hospice St. Frances Cabrini in Alexandria, Louisiana.

“I consider this the day I learned what hospice was all about.

We had a patient on services with ALS. We were short a social worker at the time, and I was a brand-new intern from LSU. It was my fourth day riding along. My volunteer manager asked me if I would be willing to go along to help support the family as the patient was coming off her ventilator. The nurse, Lauren Williams, had been the nurse I had rode along with before. We did not know how long we would be there. We did have a chaplain with us as well who also taught me a great deal that day about death and dying.

The patient had 3 sisters and it reminded me a great deal of my family. The patient choosing to come off the vent was her choice. She was dying on her terms. Her husband was under the idea she really would not know. Yet, nothing is ever perfect. Lauren consulted with the family, the doctor, the whole team, while the chaplain and I were doing all we could to provide support.

Yet, it never prepares you for when that moment comes…

The husband worried she felt pain or suffered because of how it appeared. We tried all we could to console him. His sister-in-law was a respiratory therapist and she confirmed it was just residuals of motion. She felt no pain. The patient transitioned comfortably from this life.

Lauren acted with poise and grace the whole time. I tell her all the time she taught me that day what it means to be a hospice nurse. It has made me the social worker I am today because I know this is not an easy time, and that compassion goes a long way. I am so blessed to have had her on my team, and now as one of my leaders.”

Special Recognition from fellow staff members

From Staci Herring – Executive Director of South Arkansas Home Health in EL Dorado, Arkansas.

“My nurse, Leah Owens, was named 1 of 20 nurses from 135 nominees to win the compassionate nurse award for Arkansas- the only Home Health nurse named in the state.

A patient with a history of chronic alcoholism and drug use was referred to our facility after being admitted to the hospital and transferred to LTAC. The patient, who lived alone with no nearby family, was initially seen by Leah Ann Owens who had skepticism due to past documentation of alcohol and drug use. However, after encouragement, Leah decided to approach the situation with an open mind and focus on the patient’s need for help. During a visit, Leah noted the patient was missing necessary medications and took immediate action to set up a follow-up appointment, obtain prescriptions, and provide education on managing her conditions. With the help of Leah, the patient became more independent in her daily tasks, properly managed her diseases, and even stopped drinking alcohol and placed herself in counseling. This dedication and compassion ultimately led to the patient’s successful rehabilitation and recognition of our nurse’s outstanding efforts.

Months later, our facility received news that Leah Ann had received The Compassionate Nurse Award for the State of Arkansas, being one of only twenty nurses to receive this prestigious honor.

Her dedication to her patients goes above and beyond what is expected, as seen by the numerous praises from patients and colleagues alike. This story serves as a reminder that behind each medical chart is a person who may only need someone to believe in them to make a significant difference in their life.”

From Wendi Kramer – RN with Mederi Caretenders in Vero Beach, Florida.

“This story is not just one day or one occasion.

Kimberly Fiegen is dedicated and committed to her job. Kimberly likes the job done correctly. She takes her job serious and once everyone else to do the same thing. Her patient care is 100%. It’s on point. She takes her time and many of our patients love her and do want do not want anyone else but her.

She is a team player; she can train anyone on any of the apps. Kimberly is a licensed practical nurse and has been for many years. She has dedicated herself to her job and her colleagues. And she does this throughout the. She needs to get recognized daily because that’s what she does daily. She enjoys her job.”

From Jackie Lanich – Office Assistant with Mederi Caretenders in New Port Richey, Florida.

“Our Director Jennifer Unti is so dedicated to the job, staff, and always available for a question (big or little).

She has so much patience with the staff, as well as when she is called upon assisting a patient’s concerns.”

From Diane Ulrich – RN Case Manager with Star Hospice in Gurnee, Illinois.

“I had a patient who ended up at Hillcrest Manor in Round Lake. Il. The facility had cut ties with Star Hospice, but I was able to see him there, with special permission.

They were so impressed with the care that I and other nurses gave, they wrote a nice letter that they wanted us back in. Star Hospice signed a contract for future patients.

It made me feel incredibly good that mine and other’s actions and care were noticed by facility.”

From Kinsey Wood –Schedule Specialist from DFW Home Health in McKinney, Texas

“I want to take the time to recognize the RN Brandi Stephens here at the DFW HH McKinney location. She goes above and beyond every day, not just sometimes. Brandi strives to always provide excellent, consistent care to all our patients, every single day.

Not only does she devote herself to her work, and even her free time, she is a devoted mother and grandmother. Balancing work & her family life, I am amazed at how she manages it all. Always smiling and an ear to vent to. Brandi is truly an asset to this company, and we would be in some serious trouble without her.

Thank you, Brandi, for always showing up for this company and its staff here at the McKinney Branch.”

How are our teams celebrating Nurses Week?

From Sherry Wilkinson – Executive Director of Minden Louisiana HCBS in Minden, Louisiana.

We are planning for Nurses Week to have a park get-together with employees. We will be serving a light lunch, having games, and giving out a small gift to nurses.”

From Marci Logan – Clinical Account Executive for Caretenders in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“I am the VA liaison for Indiana and for National Nurses Week I plan to mail the CHN’s at the VA’s that I work with daily a card with a handwritten note from me thanking them for all that they do for our veterans/patients and just how appreciative I/we are to be able to help their veterans.”

From Tonda White – Patient Care Manager for Elite Home Health in Nashville, Arkansas.

“Here at Elite HH in Nashville, AR we enjoy celebrating all disciplines but for Nurses Week and we have different business sponsor a day and feed the staff. We even grill out one of those days.

We also will be having our second annual Bunco game night, which is a lot of fun and we invite all our staff members to come play. We have lots of good food and prizes. We also share this week with teachers, so we have donated prizes some of our local schools to raffle off for their staff.”

These are just a few examples of the many people and agencies continuing to do great work across the country each day.

In celebration of Nurses and Hospital Weeks, we say “thank you!” Every day, your unique passion and vision help drive our mission to fulfill our purpose. Your skills and dedication are irreplaceable and allow us to expand our mission of quality service to even more people in need of our help.

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