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Celebrating the Benefits of Diversity at LHC Group

by Apr 25, 2022Culture0 comments

Here at LHC Group, our responsibility to enhance and further our efforts in regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion – or DEI, as it’s commonly called – is an ongoing effort without end.

April is “Diversity Month” – an observance first established in 2004. Our goal is “to help us gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other and our differences.” This is also a great opportunity to share once again what we mean when we talk about DEI, and why we believe DEI is vital to the long-term success and well-being of our industry, our company, our employees, and the patients and families we serve.

And as we heighten our awareness, we will grow and be successful – individually and as an organization.

I’m often asked: What, exactly, is DEI? Here is a simple explanation of the three areas of focus:

  • Diversity is the simple recognition that people and things are different.
  • Equity is the fair treatment of and opportunities for individuals – while recognizing the diversity of each individual.
  • Inclusion happens when we are intentional about bringing diverse individuals into our company and making sure that, regardless of their differences, they know that they belong as members of the LHC Group family.

LHC Group services diverse communities around the nation, and it’s important that our customers and patients understand that we value diversity – and that they see our commitment reflected in their community through our actions.

Social awareness and community support are direct responsibilities for organizations like LHC Group, and for each of our employees. To fulfill that responsibility, we must exhibit intentional efforts to be inclusive.

We must ensure that everyone has a voice at LHC Group, works together as a team, and is connected to our mission. Those who have different backgrounds, education, or work experiences should know that we encourage an inclusive environment – and that they are highly valued.

Effective and respectful communication is important. Regardless of a person’s position or role in the organization, everyone should understand:

  • that their background or lifestyle will not impact them negatively at work.
  • that from a recruitment and employment perspective, candidates and employees from all backgrounds are welcome.
  • that it is our commitment to ensure that working conditions, employee benefits, and employment policies are administered in a fair manner.

DEI is a journey, not a project where you reach an identifiable end point. There is always more we can do. Each and every one of us play an important role in helping us make these endeavors as successful and impactful as possible.

During the month of April, we will introduce further DEI updates and efforts, so be on the lookout. I hope all my LHC Group family members will join us in our mission. All it takes is a commitment to make a difference in your local community – we’ll help show you how.

I want to close by re-emphasizing the ONE step we can all take right now to positively impact DEI within this (or any) organization. It’s simple: RESPECT – for co-workers, for those you care for, and for the individuals we do business with day in and day out.

Let’s make a commitment right now to make sure we are taking that first step as we go about our daily routines.

For us, it’s all about helping people. To learn more, please visit

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