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Caring – The Essential Element of a Rewarding Career Journey

by Dec 15, 2022Culture2 comments

A conversation with Brecken Anderson, senior vice president (SVP) of home health operations

In her role at LHC Group, Brecken Anderson oversees the administration of 100 home health agencies and more than 3,000 employees. Her career journey at LHC Group has been remarkable – starting when she accepted a position as a home health nurse in 2008. We spoke with Brecken to learn more about her journey, what makes home health so special, and what advice she has for those considering a career in this profession.

Why did you first join LHC Group in 2008?

“I was a travel nurse with several years of experience and I was looking for an opportunity that offered me flexibility. At that time, I needed a career that enabled me to be closer to my family long-term and home health offered me a schedule that supported our needs. I didn’t have prior home health experience, but after two days in my role, I was hooked!”

Now that you serve as SVP of home health at LHC Group, tell us more about your journey to your current role.

“I have been truly fortunate. LHC Group invests in its people, and that’s how I was able to grow my career here. Our company actively hires and promotes from within, allowing people to grow their skillset and experience. My story is a great example – I started out as a home health nurse in the “field,” then advanced to a variety of roles, including patient care manager, clinician director, Ops support director, regional vice president, and others. I’ve been fortunate to have so many opportunities to actively pursue the next step in my career, thanks to the support of my LHC Group mentors and the education opportunities the company provided along the way.”

What guidance would you give someone considering a career in home health?

“To succeed and find meaning in a home health career, a commitment to delivering quality care must be the driving force behind all you do. We are a small but incredibly important sector of the healthcare industry, and your experience will most likely be different than any you’ve ever had. I always recommend reaching out to one of our agencies to request a ride-along or to shadow someone in the field for the day. This is a great way to see if a career in home health is a good fit for you. We are always willing to connect with someone considering a career with us.

I’m also a big advocate of clearly and frequently communicating your career goals with your leaders. I always say that you must be an advocate for yourself – express what you want and ask what it will take to achieve it. LHC Group offers multiple growth opportunities and continuing education resources to help you achieve your career goals.”

If you could use one word to describe your career journey thus far, what would it be?

“Rewarding. Not only do you get to care for the patient, but you get to develop meaningful relationships with them, their families, our care teams, and operational partners. Home health is truly the most rewarding career path I could have taken, and I am so proud to be here.”

In learning more about Brecken’s journey, it was clear that she is genuinely passionate about LHC Group’s mission – helping people. And she was quick to point out that this isn’t limited to patients.

“Careers at LHC Group are all-encompassing,” she said. “From the many different partners and teams you get to work with, to the resources and benefits we offer, we always come together to support our people.”

Thanks to Brecken for taking some time from her schedule to tell us more about her remarkable career journey. Going forward, we’ll be sharing more stories from a diverse group of people serving in a wide range of roles here at LHC Group. Watch our blog for more on careers with LHC Group.

Learn more about how you can grow a career with us here.


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  1. Cathy Piemonte

    Wow, I didn’t realize Brecken’s back story. I am so impressed that when she started out she did not have any home care experience-but look at how much she has achieved. We are lucky to have her

  2. Tammy Aden

    This is such an inspiring story of your journey. You are blessed to be in a field you love and to have been able to pursue it with such success. This is truly a gift to patients and their families in need of your services.


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